COYARD, established in 1926, is one of the world leading company in valve manufacturing for navy and military applications.   Thanks of its experience acquired in a demanding in high technologies and quality environment, COYARD, started its diversification, with success, in the design, the manufacturing and the marketing of valves dedicated to Oil & gas, chemical and gas sectors.



Due to its reasonable size, its high technical skills, and the integrated to the group, forge and foundry units, COYARD is able to supply, on a fast track basis, to its customers with custom made products designed to convey all kind of corrosives medias (sea water, in particular) whatever the pressure and the temperature are.

With the support of the other companies of the group (SACCAP, SMFO, ICARUS), COYARD
offers to its customers a wide and complete range of industrial valves, piping and services.

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